Redesign of CD Album cover for band Prince of Tennis - David Volenec said he and John Čechtický made ​​of sheer joy and without any ambition. Both bands had gone through major Czech music scene and Sebastians Colorfactory and finally met all the good just as princes electro . Although the concerts , talks , and eventually issued rarely are , as their first EP "Camping in North Ikea " from 2010, and last year's already -length " Urbi and Orbi " considered the most important titles of contemporary Czech music scene. We board " Urbi And Orbi " published in mid last year just as a free download on the band's Web site suddenly found itself on the list of the most vital news Czechoslovak forty club scene Music server announced at the 3rd place between 7 was nominated candidates for the newly formed Czech music critics price Apollo and regularly appears on other blogs and selections in the country, but as one of the few domestic production abroad.

Designed by AA 2012

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Front cover
Prince of Tennis: Front cover

back cover
Prince of Tennis: back cover

side 1
Prince of Tennis: side 1

Prince of Tennis: side2

Original CD cover
Prince of Tennis: Original CD cover