Infopoint for New House Estate colony

- the shape, construction and choice of shelter materials are
inspired by the functionalist architecture of this colony itself and similar buildings
from the time when this Brno colony was founded / terrazzo, luxfers, steel pipes /. Shelter
form two horizontal oval plates connected once vertically into an asymmetrical shape,
lying letter H intersected by a column which functionally supports the structure
and at the same time serves as a navigation element / dimmed initials ND /.
Horizontal slab - the roof is illuminated by round luxfers, vertical board
- the wall divides the space into an information part and relaxing.

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Designed Bby AA + KK 2018-2019-...

Still in process / We present our first design / but we had to made many changes because...

 Visualisation   Infopoint for New House Estate 
 Idea and concept   Infopoint for New House Estate 
 Visualisation   Infopoint for New House Estate 
 Drawing   s Infopoint for New House Estate 
 WIP   Infopoint for New House Estate